Customers always come first
About Us
At Max Scott Engineering Sales CC we pride ourselves on continually striving to improve on performance, integrity and reliability. Max Scott Engineering Sales has earned the confidence of its clients by supplying quality products We understand the many aspects of a successful project and also know the importance of supplying the correct components to achieve long term success. We have formed invaluable alliances with our suppliers to meet every requirement of our clients and have established and maintained long term relationships with notable contractors and construction companies We believe our skilled sales personnel with a keen understanding of the core products are able to meet every clients enquiries and specific needs.
Who is Max Scott Engineering Sales CC
We are a South African Engineering sales company based in Jacobs, KZN. We sell Engineering products to the petrochemical, pulp and paper, sugar and allied industries. Max Scott Engineering prides itself in being a customer intimate organisation, believing and acting on the premise that “Customers always come first”.
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